Image Services & Rights

Images from the BMA collection are available for research and publication and can be requested through the Image Services and Rights Department.

How do I order an image?

Requests for images and permissions to publish should be submitted in writing to the Image Services and Rights (IS&R) Department by mail, or email.

What information should I provide?

Please describe the image you are requesting by name, artist, and accession number (if known), and your preferred format to receive the image:

  • high resolution digital image
  • 4 x 5 inch color transparency
  • black and white print
  • Low resolution digital files (available for study purposes only)

Please include specific information about the purposes for which the image will be used, i.e.:

  • study
  • educational presentations
  • print and electronic publications*
  • commercial products
  • media projects

*For publications, please specify where the image will appear, author and title, publisher, print run, languages, and distribution.

What happens after we receive your request?

Once your request has been received and reviewed we will send you a contract that will provide you with applicable reproduction fees, and the terms of use.

By signing and returning this form with payment, you indicate that you understand and agree to the conditions outlined by the BMA.

Payment options

Prepayment is requested and is payable by check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or bank transfer. Upon receipt of payment and signed contract, the IS&R Assistant will send the photographic materials.

How long will it take?

Orders are generally filled in approximately twelve weeks or less from the initial request.

Are photographs of the entire BMA collection available for purchase?

A significant portion, but not all, of the BMA’s collection is photographed. If you request a work that does not have photography, we will notify you about whether new photography is possible. In cases where the work can be photographed to meet your request, you will be notified and provided with the date by which the photography will be completed.

The BMA reserves the right to cancel requests for new photography but an appropriate explanation and full refund will be given.


For all image requests or for more information, please contact:

Image Services & Rights
The Baltimore Museum of Art
10 Art Museum Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone: 443-573-1850
Fax: 443-573-1581