Native American Art

Please note: The Native American Art collection is currently not on view.

The BMA’s diverse Native American collection showcases Plains beadwork, Arctic ivories, Navajo textiles, Tlingit woodcarvings, and the world-renowned fiber arts of Washoe and Akimel O’odam (Pima). Outstanding features of the collection include an exquisite Old Bering Sea carving in petrified ivory, a number of early 20th century ivory amulets, and Inuit scrimshaw.

The work of Washoe fiber artists Tootsie Dick and Louisa Keyser is integral to the collection as are a group of miniature baskets created by the Pomo and O’odam. Examples of Plains beadwork attire include a finely beaded cradle and bandolier.

Notable among the collection is the remarkable polished blackware of San Ildefonso master ceramicists María Martínez and Blue Corn. Acoma pottery and Hopi Kachina carvings from the Southwest are also highlights.

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